Our history began in year 2006 in August when in our family came a golden retriever bitch Tessa Berenikë. These settle came with many marches, with many destroyed shoes and nibbled furniture out. But it was bought back with her lovely look, loveliness and our happiness in changing life. The journeys in dog show began: new impressions, new friends, earthing of new experience up. We visited not only Lithuania cities. We know now Kaliningradas better then Vilnius and our new friends waits gladly for us. We visited Latvia, Estonia, Polland, Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Finland – some of countries we wouldn’t have visited without a dog. So Tessa became the sixth member of our family, the planner of our journeys, our called TessTuru. Usually in further cities we travel all together: Alisa, Dalia, Nastia, Viktoras, our father and our golden girl Tessa.

        Our destroyed things, show troubles, travels at night, waiting in custom-house didn’t scared us and in our house came a new puppy (male) – Shans iz Sokolinovo Gniezda. We drew all together in year 2008 in Sankt Peterburg (Russia) to take him home. We are thankful to Shans breeder Tatjana Sokolova (www.sokolinoe-gnezdo.ru ) and her wonderful mother, that have received us friendly and showed us the city.

         Soon from kennel Tramin (Ukraine) a new Golden retriever girl came to our home Tramin Lambada. She became our new family member and a new character in house.

        Not long after that Tessa Berenikë gave birth to a very special girl that remained living with us, Perfect Satina Auksesijaa and she became little star in our kennel.

        Growing as a kennel many of our kennel dogs stayed as co-owned dogs.

         Golden Retriever is not only a dog, but also a wonderful family member, who gives many happy moments, meets when we came from lectures or job, snuggle and warms when you are tired and you have no mood. So in our plans there are three golden retrievers and journeys in distant countries.

         We invite all people that are thinking about a dog, to take an interest in golden retriever. Don’t be shy and write or call us. We will give you advices, how have we got advices from our new friends.

Alisa        Dalia        Nastia       Viktoras      Emilija

Tessa        Đansas       Libi       Sati